Eliminating Fruit Mosquitoes

It’s a recurring story: you go to the market and choose the most delicious fruits. Their vibrant colors make even the most skeptical to be delighted looking at them, but after a few days, you see your house infested with those detestable fruit insects.

Has that happened to you? The insects that go to the fruit are so small and annoying that they make anyone lose patience, that’s why, we want to teach you how to eliminate mosquitoes from the fruit with some quick and effective advice.

How to eliminate fruit mosquitoes

We must start by specifying that, despite their appearance, the famous fruit mosquitoes are actually flies. You may find that hard to believe, as these small insects are more like mosquitoes than any other species, which is why many wonder if fruit mosquitoes bite.

The answer is no, as we have said, these insects are actually fruit flies, scientifically called Ceratitis capitata. The fruit you bring from the market is (due to its colour and sweetness) very attractive for the flies, which leave their eggs in the pieces of fruit to grow there.

If you’re wondering how to eliminate mosquitoes from the fruit, you should start by washing each of the pieces you buy well. It may sound obvious, but it’s the most effective way to make sure these insects won’t impregnate your food. Here are some tips and strategies for keeping your home and your fruit clean and free of so-called fruit mosquitoes.

Home Fruit Fly Traps

In order to eliminate flies and mosquitoes, more and more people are betting on homemade traps that avoid the use of chemical products that may be toxic to people.

These are some of the homemade fruit fly and mosquito traps you can use to get rid of these insects once and for all.

Container to attract fruit mosquitoes

To make this homemade insect trap you will need a cup or wide-mouth container, very ripe fruit, nonstick paper and a fork. Follow these steps:

  • Place the ripe fruit at the bottom of the chosen container.
  • Next, put the nonstick paper in the mouth of the cup; be sure to cover the entire surface.
  • Make holes with a fork but make sure they are not too big.
  • When the contents are in the container, you will see that the heat decomposes the fruit more quickly. This will help mosquitoes stick to it.
  • This trap is very effective because although fruit flies will be able to enter, they will not be able to leave the container due to the humidity inside.

How to repel mosquitoes with vinegar

Vinegar is one of the star ingredients to repel mosquitoes, flies and insects of all kinds. To make this trap you will need vinegar, paper, a glass jar and fruit.

Place the fruit and vinegar in the glass jar (preferably a narrow-mouth bottle).

Then make a funnel with the paper. Check that the funnel has an appropriate diameter so that mosquitoes can get into the jar but not out.

Place the jar in the center of the table and then observe how the mosquitoes are attracted.

As we have said, vinegar is the number one enemy of mosquitoes due to its acidity and penetrating smell.

Home Fruit Mosquito Spray

  • You need a spray bottle, ½ cup water, ¼ cup apple vinegar and 10 drops Citronella.
  • To begin, pour the water into the spray bottle and add the vinegar and drops of citronella.
  • Shake to mix all ingredients.
  • Spray directly on the area where the mosquitoes are and you’ll immediately see how they flee quickly.
  • In this article we explain, step by step, how to make a homemade trap to kill mosquitoes that can be very useful to get rid of annoying fruit flies.

Home Remedies to Remove Fruit Mosquitoes

As we have said before, the best way to avoid the presence of so-called fruit mosquitoes is to prevent their appearance from the outset. Keep in mind that hygiene is the worst enemy of these flies, but if cleanliness is not enough, you can also help yourself with these two natural mosquito remedies:

  • Plants that repel insects: to prevent insects from coming into your home, you can place lavender, citronella or calendula plants on windows or balconies. The smell of these plants is repulsive to insects and therefore prevents them from approaching your home.
  • Natural fruit mosquito repellents: One of the most popular and effective repellents is cloves, a tree native to Indonesia with great analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties. We recommend that you make an infusion with a cup of water and 20 cloves: after boiling the mixture for a while, you can incorporate this preparation to a body cream or lotion to use it as a repellent or spray directly on the frame of the door and windows to prevent the appearance of these annoying insects. If you want to learn how to make your own homemade mosquito repellent, don’t miss this article.

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