Spiders At Home: 4 Ways To Eliminate Spiders At Home

There are many people who have spiders at home and are very afraid of it. Most species or types of spiders are not poisonous, but there are a few with deadly venom. That’s why it’s so important to keep our homes free of this pest, as they spread quickly.

Spiders are very sensitive to light and in the dark can easily identify their prey. Their main food is the insects around them that come out at night but also during the day. In addition, spiders love to eat flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, and even other spiders. They are not aggressive animals that will try to attack you, but if you annoy them or crush them they can pinch you. They use their spider webs, which they weave with a fluid produced by their bodies to trap their prey. After the insects are trapped in the spider web, they approach and inject their venom to paralyze them. This venom also functions as a digestive that prepares food in a special way before it is eaten.

On the other hand, this poison is also used to defend against predators, which immediately paralyzes them. Some species have very little poison and others the poison takes a while to do its job. Then, the spider wraps the prey in spider web and leaves it stuck to its net to be devoured later; and also to have food saved for the moment in which the spider eggs are broken and the hatchlings are born. Also, there are spiders that with a very small amount of poison can kill in a short time a human, and much faster a child, so we recommend you remove them completely from your home. We will name a few spiders that their venom has killed many people in the world because of the toxicity of their venom. For example, the violinist spider is one of the most deadly, almost always hidden in basements and dark parts of your house. Another dangerous specimen is the yellow sac spider, this spider when it pricks you feel a pain a little stronger than the sting of a wasp kills callus. For its part, black widow as its name says, is black with a small red macha on his body. However, the most popular is the tarantula spider which is dark brown and this species is a little more aggressive to the presence of people.

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